just wondered what you guys thought of it, cause i'm pretty sure i'm going to buy it.
just want some feedback from ppl who have owned it already.
It wasn't bad but I liked the Vypyr better.
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I own an AD50VT (and owned an AD30 VT), the VT series' predecessor, and I love it. The amp you're looking at is the same, but with twice the number of amplifier settings. It is really versatile, I've found settings for anything on it. I've even found a couple of the built in effects useful (especially the reverb and delay settings). Good luck with your search.

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I've had a VT30 and a Vypyr. Personally, I like the tone of the Vox alot better, and some of the effects are pretty good, but some are lackluster. I'd definitely get it over a Peavey Vypyr, it has more of a natural tone IMO. The presets are pretty good, and you can dial in a pretty good tone if you now what the amp does best. It's pretty much a jack of all trades (it doesn\'t master alot, but it is pretty damn close on alot of things.)
What are you playing genre-wise?

The VT is a GREAT practice amp. It's a huge step up from the AD-series.

I've played it pretty extensively, and it is a really nice amp... better than the Vypyr, to my ears, at least for anything but metal.
I'd recommend it, if you were playing a bit of everything with more cleans/blues/classic rock.
I have a VT 30 and I think it's great, you won't be disappointed.
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umm.....i play a lot of stuff.
like Metallica, Guns N Roses, Trivium, A7X, Jimi Hendrix, RHCP.