Writing some songs for a new band I feel like making. On the happier side of Post-hardcore. Ive half recorded this already.

Pretty massive DGD influence. Cant you hear it? haha. and some Closure In Moscow.


Oh, and I named the song after this because I find it hilarious and try to watch it once a day.

"****in' wont do me brotha, Im sober!"

1.Mungo vs Greg Brown.zip
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Hah once again, gotta say you're my favorite writer on the site and I saved that song you referred to me in my thread a long time ago and always play it when i'm bored.

Anyways...I'm not an expert on the genre, but it's one of my favorites, which is sad lol, I need to learn more about it. I love the slides during the verse, gives it a nice dancy feel lol. It's weird how each section looks similar, but sounds so different hah (i dunno if you know what i mean). The 2nd verse was great, gives a good vibe, the pitch shift in the bridge was good, mixed it up a bit, as I must admit it feels like that riff is used a lot. You can never go wrong with an epic scream/sing outro lol, the only thing I wasn't a fan of was the first chord, but thats probably just because GP makes it sound dumb.
Overall, damn good song lol. Sorry I'm not great at critting "good" music lol, I'm gunna listen again to find something to nit pick....
a couple listens and I got nothin really lol, maybe mixing up one of the choruses or something, to just change it up a bit, but its really not necessary as it does the job perfectly
Over all a good, solid tune, but there's just a few things.

Firstly I think you waay overuse the chorus [which I'll admit I do A LOT too]. Which takes away so much of the power it has as the song progresses. I'm not suggesting longer verses as such because that would be the same mistake tbh, but maybe this would benefit from a prechorus or something' perhaps an interlude somewhere else in the song, or maybe you could even use the trick of verse-prechorus-verse. By making it feel like the chous is coming then holding it back at the last second you up the power of th chorus when it finally does kick in. [one of the greatest tricks in the song writing book in my opinion]

Secondly, maybe you should try and change the style up for later songs you write for this new band of yours. While it isn't necessarily a bad thing, this fits DGD and CiM to a tee.. If you see what I mean. A little bit of a personal touch goes a long long way in the biz. After all isn't that what post-hardcore is all about? original hardcore.

And you get a massive thumbs up from me for changing up the verses each time, very PHC imo. So yeah .. while you fall into some pretty big PHC cliches, it really doesn't matter, with decent vocal I'm sure this will be a catchy as hell song. Which is always a good thing. once again don't over use your choruses

its a 9/10 I think!
I don't think I have anything new up at the moment, so owe me one if you feel the need. or not haha.

Oh and thats a killer ref in the song title.
That was really good. I really liked it throughout, even though it isn't really my genre. I think I might start listening to a bit of post-hc ^_^ Any suggestions?

Anyway, the song starts off nice with the main riff playing through once and then it goes straight into the verse where it is met by some catchy lines on the other instruments. Got lyrics for it?

The chorus was really good. It still felt connected to the verse riff, but was still powerful and independent, so that's good. The next verse was even better than the first. Very nice repeating riff with changing bass notes.

Chorus again, still nice.

Next verse, and again, I really liked it. Then another chorus, wonderful.

The bridge/sing along bit was a great change from the rest of the song. It kinda took me by surprise with the sudden change, but I liked the way it got back into the heaviness quickly. Then it goes quiet again and starts to build up. Really liked this bit.

And now the epic screaming and singing. Can't totally agree that it's epic, but it is a bit. Maybe the vocals could add to that. But still really enjoyed it and nice, neat ending.

I give it a 8.5/10
Pretty good stuff you got here man. love the cleans you had in the intro. I liked how you had the upbeat drums behind the clean melody and the bass was good here also, good use of all the instruments. Chorus was good, it could definitely be pretty great with the right vocals, nice leads too.

I like how you switched things up for the second verse. The slides sounded cool, but they got a little annoying, but I'm sure that's just gp's fault. Loved the melody starting at bar 24. Third verse was a nice switch also, with the tremolo picking.

The bridge was a nice return to the intro riff, very melodic and catchy. Loved the cleans at bar 70. Bar 78 was probably my favorite riff in this song. Epic screaming/singing was awesome also, reminded me somewhat of ebb and flow by misery signals, very nice outro riff, and a good climax to the song.

Overall there's really nothing I would change about this song. The melodic leads won me over throughout Keep writing stuff like this man! You've got a nice style