So this guy is selling an AC30 head on Kijiji, I emailed him and he says that the tubes need to be replaced, and hes asking $500 firm.

So how do I know if its actually in good shape if I can't actually try it? I don't wanna shell out $500 for an amp that
A) Ive never tried
B) Is possibly broken
Go to a store and try out a working AC30 head, then make sure that its only the tubes that are wrong with the AC30.

Or, buy new tubes and set them up in his AC30, and then try it out and see if you want to buy it.
I think I might do that.

What tubes would you recommend?

EDIT: it seems a full set of tubes would be like $100. And I don't have a tube amp right now so that seems basically useless, if I don't buy the amp.
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buy the tubes at a store with a liberal return policy. ie ask if you can return them if your not satisfied.
as far as tube recommendations go check the Vox website to see what type of tubes come stock in the thing. get the exact same type of tubes. dont buy the cheap chinese ones they come with though. get a more reliable brand like JJ

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