Song is very straight forward, heavy, fast, and melodic. The entire set list we have is not all this way, but were going for a straight up metal band, with screaming :P Kinda like Mors Principium Est, Quo Vadis, and stuff like that.

The song is played in e standard, something you don't here a lot of in metal these days. Which i personally am a fan of!

Link here

Sounds pretty good! Didn't like it at first, but it grew on me throughout the song!

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We're going into the studio Sunday to record vox. Our singer has a voice similar to the Rob Halford/Bruce Dickenson style
Yay for E standard. All my bands stuff is in E. And I thought it was pretty good. There was something weird about the vocals though, but i don't know what it was.

And i checked out the second poster's band, and i thought it was good too.
Like punk the way it used to be? Deranged Youth Its like what Warped Tour should be!

Want to hear something mind-blowing? Pit O' Bodies Its like an amateur hypnotist plus the Spanish Inquisition!