Hey all,
This is a fictional song about a guy who wanted a chick, but didn't get her. All of a sudden this girl shows intrest in him when no one else wants her. There really isn't a rhyme scheme, I wrote what felt like should be there. I tried to expand my writing by trying to incorperating the repeating lines in the song, as I've never done that before. It's supposed to have a Devildriver melodic/groove metal feeling to it. Thanks in advance for the critiques =]

"The Hero You Love to Hate"

I'm you're biggest mistake,
The one you can't erase.
But don't worry my time will come.
Let's look at this now
Let's face the truth,
I'm the one you couldn't put down.

You can tell yourself that I don't exist,
you can smother the thoughts of me
but in the back of your mind,
I know that you'll find,
I'm the hero you love to hate.

(Riff to transition into verse again)

You can hide the truth,
you can close your mind,
but don't worry your time will come.
Let's look at this now,
Let's face the truth,
You want me inside of you.



You can act like you hate,
but I know you want me,
don't worry that time won't come.
Let's look at this now,
let's face the truth,
you want what you can't get

(Chorus) x2

(Ending riff)
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