I am wanting to learn some cool metallica/megadeth type rhythms...really any that aren't too difficult and frustrating

im not that great and string skipping and i think that is where a lot of them frustrate me....i like to play the rhythm on seek and destroy and a few others...but im really looking for songs that have a lot of repitition, i tried to play "one" until i realized there was just too much to remember...

any help would be greatly appreciated
Pretty much any generic rock band has that.
Try some more rock 'n roll stuff like AC/DC.
It's not really powerchords but it does help with rhythm.
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Peace Sells and Devils Island by Megadeth are fun and easy, but still complex enough to keep you interested. Head Crusher is easy as **** too. And Rust in Peace... Polaris has some nice leady rhythm stuff going on.
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Is fuel and easy song by metallica? it sounds like it would be easy...all that stuff they got with crazy solos I can't fool with...my speed isn't there..but if this has minimal solo stuff i could pull it off...are the later metallica albums easier??? they don't sound hard...except the new one sounds a bit like the old stuff