Basically, I've been listening to Robin Trower lately and loving the feel he gets from the Univibe. I don't have $130 for Dunlop's reissue though. Can I get some cheaper recommendations or settings for my current gear to get that kind of, as much as I hate making this simplistic a pun, vibe a univibe gets?

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I believe that he actually uses a Fulltone Deja vibe, which is about twice the price.

Before I bought a MDV-2, I tried the lovepedal vibe pedal, and it was pretty good. I didn't like the lack of dials to fine tune the sound, but it was a very thick, deep, rich pedal. I saw one on craigslist for about $100.
Danelectro Chicken Salad or Cool Cat Vibe. I've heard good things about both, and they're cheap.
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The new LovePedal one is pretty good for $120. I don't like the Dunlop one much. I tried a few out about a month ago. We had one of the earliest Prescription Electronics ones, a Sweet Sound Ultra Vibe II, Fulltone MDV-2, the Roger Mayer one and the Dunlop. IMO, the Roger Mayer was the best, it can do the vintage Uni-Vibe sounds plus a lot more. The ability to fine tune it is much greater than any other but at over $500, there's no way I see myself getting one. The Ultra Vibe was a close second with the Prescription Electronics one not far behind that, then the MDV-2 then the Dunlop. However, I've heard there's a trim pot inside the MDV-2 that brings it up to par with the rest but I didn't get to mess with it.

EDIT: There was a thread on TGP a while ago where some guy said the closest he came to getting Trower's tone was with an MXR '74 Phase 90 Reissue and lots of people agreed with him, including Mike Piera of AnalogMan.
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