Hey all, I'm lookin to get a new amp in the next few months and was wondering what you guys would suggest. Im planning on getting a tube combo.

-$800 budget at the most
-I plan on playing a bit of just about every genre except country.
-Its mainly going to be for at home practice, jamming with friends but I would like something with enough power to perform at small gigs (bars, etc)
-I don't have any problem going used, I mean as long as it's in good condition it's not a big deal to me
-My current gear is a Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe with active EMG's and a Roland 15w Solid State amp.

Thank you for any help, and no "Just go out and try some amps" comments please.
Whatever you do, don't go out and try some amps.

Get a marshall, dude! You could get a pretty decent used one for $800. Look around.
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Quote by Mr.Feather
Whatever you do, don't go out and try some amps.

Get a marshall, dude! You could get a pretty decent used one for $800. Look around.

Please don't listen to this dumbass...

Well definately go out and try as many amps as possible...

From your schecter I'm guessing you want something suited to metal??

But i'd reccomend you have a look @:

*B-52 AT 112
*Blackstar HT-5 (Might not be loud enough for band practice)
*Peavey 5150,6150,XXX (Used?)
*Bugera 6260, 6262, 333, 333XL?? (Clones of the peavey amps above but very good! for the price)
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You can get a seriously great amp used for $800. No problem. Keep bumping this thread and surf your local craigslist and teh Gear Sale Forums here and elsewhere.

Also, use the link in my sig.

How heavy do you get?
Well I was thinking about getting a Peavey Valveking, are these any good for what I need?
If you search on my last 10 posts, you will find info you need in about 8 out of those 10.

BTW: VK will not get very heavy on it's own. It needs love and attention and mods. (meaning money). She's like *****. There are a lot of threads on this right now so search. If I had $800 I would get something else. Probably used. Best bet. I'm going to bed. Good luck.
You could get a used Mesa Boogie with that money. Maybe a used Single Rectifier?
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