Ok, so pretty much I went out and bought a brand new Kustom defender. I liked how it sounded in the shop and read lots of good review. However, i brought it home, set it up, let it warm up for about 15 or 20 minutes and.... It didn't make any sound. i check the impedance and thats set right, i check my leads and guitar and pedals, and they all work and i checked the tubes as best i could and they all seem to glow. (except for the phaser tube which i can't see cause its got one of those metal case things). So, any ideas as to what may be wrong. I'm gonna take it to the shop on the weekend, but i figured i'd see if you guys had any ideas first.
may seem obvious, but volume up on the amp? as in master and channel?
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Mains light on? Then flick the standby switch?
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take the metal casings off the preamp tubes for now. They do squat as far as I'm concered. If your tubes are glowing at a 'medium level' great. Preamp tubes will sometimes glow so dim you can't even see them in the dark. If your power tubes light up bright (or any tube for that matter) then there is a problem.

Make sure tubes are seated all the way down and don't leave an amp on with glowing tubes or a mismatched cab. Please.
its a tube
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cheers guys, i don't want to tinker with the insides just yet, i'll see what the shop says first but thanks anywya