Have any of you tried a Taylor T5 with a compressor pedal? A good compressor, mind you, not the Boss or Digitech one. Im thinking along the lines of the Keeley, Cmatmods, or Visual Sound Comp66.

Im posting in this forum because Im specifically wondering what this did for the acoustic sound of your T5. Lately I've been feelng that my T5 doesnt put out enough treble or bass and the bass is the weakest link here. This is straight into a PA with the EQ knobs on the guitar set flat and the mixer set flat except the mids. I find that with most ES equipped Taylors you have to EQ some of the mid range out of the mix to get a more natural acoustic sound.

Even if anyone has had experience with any type of acoustic and a compressor pedal I'd like to know how it went for you. This and a good pre-amp might just be whats missing from my T5's acoustic half.

Dr. Z Stangray
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