My Maverick been annoying me for a while now as its a bit used and old and normal strings werent holding its tune so have stuck some heavier ones on and tuned it 1 1/2 steps lower and seems to be holding. just wandering if anyone has any suggestions with some songs to learn. am currently working on Halo by Machine Head and Before I Forget by Slipknot.

All suggestions would be appreciated. thanks
Bullet for my valentine and Killswitch engage drop tune :p if you like them anyway

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if you want half step down guitar songs i would say all rise against songs (because they are all half step down) and there is a couple coheed and cambria songs that are half step downi believe final cut,welcome home,and a few other songs (im not sure which ones i only learned final cut and welcome home)

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Anything from Black Sabbath's Master of Reality. Tony Iommi plays the whole album with a 1 1/2 step downtuned guitar.