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What tuning do you normally play in? I seem to stick with down a whole step for that "bite" that I am after. I use 11's and it seems that down a step gives my sound that somethng extra.
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I change tunings almost every week.

ATM i'm playing Drop C with 0.8
Most of the time i'm in Standard, half step down or Drop D. Drop C# is stupid!

I'm thinking of buying .10/.11 for Drop B. I want to try new stuff.
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    Usually standard, occasionally I'll go down to Bb standard, or drop C.
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    Mostly flicking between E Standard and Drop C# at the moment.
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    Bb standard, C# Standard, or Drop A
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    E standard, basically always.
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    I really can't stand standard tuning and never use it. It just seems alittle "bright" for my taste. I do like Eb but that extra half step makes a big difference in bending with 11's
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    What tuning do you normally play in? I seem to stick with down a whole step for that "bite" that I am after. I use 11's and it seems that down a step gives my sound that somethng extra.

    Uhh I believe you mean D Standard

    Normal tuning = E Standard (Bottom string is tuned to E)
    1 step down = D Standard (Bottom string is tuned to D)

    And Thats my fav tuning too - it's just a tad heavier.

    I use 10's and it handles that fine!
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    I like half a step down. Yngwie tuning.. basically. However, I mainly use Standard tuning cause I'm not writing my own music at the moment. So I tend to just jam through some songs and most of them are Standard or drop D.
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    Standard, all the time.
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    Nearly always half-step down and I use 10's.
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    I'm always in Drop D because I can play songs in E standard as long as it doesn't need the 23rd and 24th on the 6th string :P
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    E standard.
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    Well, on my guitar with a floating bridge, E standard.
    My LP, however, is anywhere from E Standard to C# Standard.
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    E Standard. Practically all the time, even for songs not in that tuning. I just transpose them so I can play.

    I may occasionally experiment with other tunings, but normally I CBA.
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    D Standard is the highest I can go, my Strat doesn't have enough springs to handle the tension of E with .12s.

    I sometimes go down to Drop B for some songs.
    Standard or drop d
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    Open C on my acoustic.
    Drop C, D Standard, and C Standard on the 6 string electric (.13-.56's)
    B Standard, Bb Standard, or Drop G on the 7 stringer (.60's, can't remember the high E)
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    50% of the time its standard, the other times I'm in drop D or Eb.
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    ibanez in D standard, Kramer in E standard.

    TS: what strings do you use?
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