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20th Aug 1986, Rick Allen drummer with Def Leppard made his first live appearance with the band after losing an arm in a car accident, when they appeared at the Monsters Of Rock Festival, Castle Donington, England.

Amazing he ever went behind the kit again!
dont take this the wrong way, but why do we need to know this, but yeah tis amazing
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1988, Iron Maiden, Kiss, David Lee Roth, Megadeth, Guns N' Roses and Helloween all appeared at this year's 'Monsters Of Rock' Festival, Castle Donington, England. Two rock fans died while 'slam dancing' as Guns N' Roses played.

i believe this is better.
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before they started calling it download they only had good bands play...

Plus I guess its easier for a one armed drummer than a one armed guitarist
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I was there, they were OK, but not as good as Motorhead or The Scorpions.
On the same bill they also had Bad News, which was actualy a comedy band, similar to Spinal Tap, featuring Adrian Edmondson Nigel Planer and Rik Mayall. Adrian Edmondson couldn't get his guitar to work so he smashed it up on stage, before they'd even played a note.
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searched on youtube and this came up.

friggin Adrian and Rik are amazing slapstick comedians.

Yeah, I remember at Donington they did a song called 'Vampire C*ck Suckers From Hell' that was actualy just five seconds of noise.
Bad News actualy started off with 'The Comic Strip Presents.. ' who did a spoof fly-on-the-wall rockumentary and the Monsters of Rock performance was featured in a second Comic Strip film, 'More Bad News'.