i am looking to spend €300 on a new guitar to replace my broken and slightly rubbish encore gothic les paul. due to the fact that my guitar has been broken for over a year and i haven't been able to play i would say my ability is a beginer.
i am looking to play all types of rock, some metal and blues.
my current amp is a tenson scream 15 which i will replace in the not to distant future with either a roland cube 30x, peavey vyper 30 or a vox vt30.
from what research i have done i am interested by the epiphone g-400, epiphone les paul studio deluxe, vintage vs 6, vintage v100 and ibanez rg 321.
i would like to know which one would suit my style and i am open to suggestions, unfortuantly there are no decent guitar shops around where i live so i would have to buy the guitar online.
The guitars you mentioned are pretty good, but SG's? Les Pauls? RG's?

Very, very vague. Which do you like playing on most?
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There's a big difference between a LP and an RG.

+1 to Mr.DeadDuck , Pacifica 112v's are a very good beginner guitar.
For a versatile amp I'd definately suggest the Vypyr 30, I get screaming metals to nice cleans, and everything in between with it.
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I am liking the Yamaha suggestion- to be honest anything Strat like would be good for you- or anything with an H-S-S configuration

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