the title says it all.

I'm curently (and for the next few months) almost only playing covers from band that have 5 string basses (and even tuned down 1 step), but my bass is a 4 string.

i'm curently using 50-110 gauges, but that's not enough to go down to the A.

I'm wondering if there are any stronger gauge for a 4 string bass or if i'll have to buy a 5string set and only keep the lowest one...

will it even fit? the 110 almost didn't pass the "little hole" (don't know the name) to fix the string. Can i enlarge that hole without damaging the bass?
A friend of mine did that to get the sound he wanted. Just make the string hole in the nut a bit bigger, no damage done.

EDIT: Oh and don't think about tuning to standard with such a high gauge. Something will snap, either your strings or your neck.
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i say just buy a new bass if you want the 5 strings. you can never have too many basses!
too many basses? no
no more money? yes

what tuning could i use with such gauge without damaging my bass? could i go up to dropC tuning?
Yeah man that should be cool. All the ball ends of the strings a basically the same so if you have some trouble threading it through the hole just file it to make it big enough without going over the size of the ball end. 50-110 is fine for standard tuning so the corresponding 5 string guage won't matter. Going down a full step will probably be suited to the next gauge up.
If there is now buzz between the 1st and 8th frets, the truss rod will need adjustment, whihc is also easy fixed.
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Yeah, he uses it for C#

That would **** up the neck.... tuning strings meant for B up a step. Just buy power slinky bass strings for a normal bass.
We get this question at least once a week, I figured the bass forum should know by now the proper answer.

Either borrow a five string bass or get a set of strings for a fiver and only use the four thickest. You'll need to adjust the nut for this, and when you go back to standard, you may have to buy a new nut. If you're tuning down to A, you'll need at least a .130 sized B string, if not thicker. You'll probably also need to get a full setup when you put the new strings on there.
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RotoSound Drop Zone bass strings.
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okay, I'm going to re-use that post ^^

I'm actually (probably) going to buy a used 5 string bass (a rokaxe, if someone has something to say about it :P)

Now the questions are:

-the bass doesn't have any strings anymore, could that eventually have damaged the neck?
-what string gauge should I use to tune to ADGCF? I've read that 45-140 would fit well, but if you have some recommandation, they are welcome

thx all
Not sure, depending on how long its been unstrung you should let it settle in. So, string it, maybe not to full tension and let it sit there for a day or something and then tune up. Someones got to really know about this though.

http://www.juststrings.com/wws-41301.html these or the black labels depending on if you like nickel or stainless steel more. Loving em for even two steps down.

Either that, or you can get balanced strings from Circle K in a 136 or 142 or 150 gauge string set ... for like a million dollars.
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meh, so I buyed some 45-135 black label.

But they don't fit in the bridge (shiiiiit ), so I'll have to make the holes "bigger".

I'm thinking about using a a drill and then smoothing a bit the hole so that it doesn't rip the strings, am I right or is there another way?
I used 5 string gauge bass strings on my 4 string.... and tuned them to D standard when I got into my band, before I had it in A standard [A, D, G, C] and it didn't break anything. So I know that if you bass is of good quality it should be able to stand up to it without snapping strings or my neck. I did it with a Silvertone Paul Stanley Apocalypse... and their not exactly high quality... it's kind of a bad guitar actually, it's high end is almost shot on the pickup after 4 years of being treated like an angel.....
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