Hey! if you live in or near Tallmadge, Ohio and play Guitar, Bass, Drums, or are an awesome singer, and are influenced by Story of the Year, 30 Seconds To Mars, Silverstien, or similar artists,

My (possibly OURs if you reply) bands name is T.B.A.(no, i do not mean my band name is literally "to be announced")
BTW, I'm 11
I'm The Lead Guitarist,
But i could possibly bend to 2nd guitarist (Depending on how good u are )
the age limit is 10-15
and Lastly,
I'm open to suggestions 4 band names
... sooooo basically you need everybody.

Dude, you're 11. It doesn't matter how good you are - you're 11. Not an insult, but do things the way kids do. Play with some friends from school, even if you guys suck. Nobody's going to pay money to watch a bunch of kids play, except maybe at a fair or other family event, so it's not like they're going to ever hold you back or anything.

Unless you're able to actually make money, don't get into casting people more than 30 or so miles away. It's a giant pain in the butt, and you'll never get in enough practice to be really tight unless everybody in the band is so smart that they never have any homework, and their folks are willing to give up evenings to drive them around.

Besides, take it from me: playing with your friends is ALWAYS better than playing well. Unless it's a job.
Forgot to mention: what about getting another guitar player and a percussion guy to do bongos or congas? Not what you're after, but with limited gear you guys could practice every day after school, or even outside during lunch, if your school allows it.

When I was in high school, my friends and I would bring a sandwich and a powerbar on ... Tuesdays and Thursdays I think it was, and sneak out of the cafeteria to go play in the auditorium. We didn't get to rock out (we would have been caught anyway), but between that and afterschool practice, we got in like 8 hours a week without even giving up any evenings.