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Just picked up this baby while on vacation in Japan

2007 Caparison Angelus 22 in Translucent Purple. Can't wait to plug it in once I get home
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Beautiful... I love Caparsions...


(I can tell azn is going to be happy/jealous about this)
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Beautiful! I love that finish. Clipz when you plug her in.
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That looks awesome!
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HNGD! Looks amazing
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Happy NGD!!

How sexy is the neck?
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The moment I saw the Caparison case, I think I cried a little.

I prefer the Horus, but that is one sexy guitar.

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Caparisons are beautiful, HNGD

Nice finish too; only available on the Angelus, isn't it?
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HNGD! (:
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I don't know if I am more upset that you have that beautiful guitar instead of me or that you went on vacation to Japan and I have been wanting to go there for some time now.

Great looking guitar!!!
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Quote by Baby Joel
Beautiful... I love Caparsions...


(I can tell azn is going to be happy/jealous about this)

If you mean Phil he has another one planned as far as I know lol.

Awesome purchase HollishGuy ... Still really tempted to buy myself a T.A.T 2 and this thread isn't helping.
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Sexy ! Should have gotten a Dellinger though
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That's hot, like really. HNGD man

I wish Korea had nice guitars like that =/
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lookslike my Ibby,sexy.HNGD!!
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This makes PRS cry. Happy NGD

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what's with the rather oddly placed black knob by the tail piece?
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Awesome, HNGD!
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Gotta love Caparisons, they are soo damn nice, ive played afew Applehorns and i fell in love, not too hot on the Horus.

but that is beautiful, when you condition the fretboard abit and the rosewood goes darker thats gonna look even more awesome

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Amazing guitar HNGD
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Seriously, I want a Caparison so badly, HNGD and I want clips ASAP!
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^ this guys message just about gave me an epileptic seizure, but srsly hot guitar man HNGD
Beautiful. I recently got a TAT and now I've got the fever, gonna need a Horus to go with it lol.
Such beautiful guitar!

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Looks fake to me....

Just kidding! HNGD! I had Japanese content too. Picked up a 60's Ibanez yesterday!


Did you fly to japan just to buy that? Do you just cut them a check for US$ or Japanese yen? I was curious on how payment on guitars go and what its like bringing them back to the US
I like the finish, it's a very nice looking color.
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That is pure sex mate, HNGD!

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Thanks guys I was looking for a new guitar for quite some time already and I happened to stumble upon this beauty in a local guitar shop in Tokyo. Really made my day I'll try to put some clips up once I get back.

And for those who asked, the black knob is a 4-position switch for coil splitting (neck split, bridge split, neck + bridge split, neck + bridge full)
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Absolutly beautiful HNGD!!!!!
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