I keep dreaming that I have big arguments with my friends. Then, in the dream, I wake up and can't decide if it was real or not. Then, in real life, I wake up and can't decide if it was real or not.

Last night I dreamt me and my mum kept getting chased by gangsters and they somehow kept finding me wherever I went. I was at a hospital, they found me, I started running through fields, they found me, through a scrapyard and so on.
I think there is a thread already about dreams, but nevertheless I've had a few strange ones recently.

The other night, I was dreaming that I was a passenger in my Dad's car, as he was driving. We were on the motorway, only some cars were coming at us, and had to dodge us. Eventually we hit a car, span and smashed into a barrier.

It all went black and then I saw this Devilish figure. I then woke up, thinking I was screaming, but with nothing coming out of my mouth.

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