I have a clean X88R for sale that I bought in 1998; it has a slight mod on the first channel by Mike at Soldano Amplification to be more black face Fender-like for the cleans. Its had mostly a home studio life where I played maybe a few gigs in 2001 and again in 2008 -- very very good condition and comes with NOS Chinese tubes.

This two rack space all tube preamp is designed for players using more elaborate rack set-ups and switching systems.

The rugged X88R is handbuilt to last in the Soldano tradition, using only the finest components available. Many of the sounds are patterned after its Big Daddy, the SLO 100. It has three entirely separate preamps: Clean, Crunch, and Overdrive, which share common input buffer and output drive tubes.

Three different channels, three different sounds, with full gain, tone and output control of each.

Channel switching is noise free and is accessible via three 1/4" jacks located on the back panel. Three on-off switches are all that's required to switch with other systems being used, or if no other switching system is being used, the optional X88R random-access foot controller is available.