Ok, so I want to add some really more technical flair to my bass lines, & I thought, hmmm... Jazz is pretty damn hard to play on bass, so I'm thinking of adding some jazz inspired bass sections to my (already quite proggy) bluesy/hard rock band. I listen to some Jeff Berlin, Jaco & Weather Report (sorry fo that idiotic typo, I'd only been awake about 5 minutes), but I was wondering, what other artists should I listen to & learn stuff by to get a better idea of what to add in there (also, any tips of bits of theory to study would be helpful, so far I've the circle of fifths & walking bass lines, but I'm not sure what else would be relivant theory)

& yes, I have looked at the song to learn thread & I'm going to start learning those.
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only electric bass players? or upright as well?

Well, tbh anything is apreciated, I pretty much have just opened the door to jazz & need any advice I can get, I mean, theory is the same on either instrument & I would have though (although, I may well be wrong) that alot of jazz pieces writen on upright could relativly easily converted to electric (although I would love to pick up an upright at some point)
Traditional jazz is not stellar in terms of technical shows of proficiency. I'm thinking you're more referring to Jazz fusion.. In which case, aside from Jaco and Weather Report (by the way, listen to more than just the Heavy Weather album. Black Market and Mr. Gone (before and after Heavy Weather respectively) both have incredible things going on), try taking in some Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (with Victor Wooten on bass you get a funk influenced fusion style). Also, for a more traditional fusion check out Herbie Hancock. Not a lot happening there but it will give you a starting place at least. Maybe some Marcus Miller as well who has this kind of electric smooth jazz thing going on, but definitely some outstanding bass work. Stanley Clarke is another bass player/fusion pioneer you should look into. And after all that, listen to some Weather Report again, because yes, it is that good.
yeah man, Black Market album is fantastic.

check out Charles Mingus. one of the legends of jazz bass. this guy is a legend.

also, check out http://digitaldreamdoor.nutsie.com/pages/best_jazz/best_jazzbass.html

also, wiki has a list of jazz bassists. knock yourself out.

depends what your looking for, fusion, be bop, post bop, alot of great stuff.

and while jazz bass may not be the most technical at times you gotta be able to play steady and keep the rythm moving, while keeping up with the chord changes, which could change quickly at times. if your doing a waling bass line try to mix things up,not doing the same over and over again.
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