hey all

im yet again geting another guitar mafe

after my PRS like guitar that was wonderfull i am getting a TELECaster like guitar made

here we go
Birdseye maple neck and fingerboard 22 or 24 frets

Body, a standard tele shape

wood is probably going to be Curly Koa......anybody know if this would will be appropriate?

all gold hardware, planet wave locking/cutting tuners

oak pickguard with custom engraving

pickups now..... iwas thinking about dimarzio twang king set

pups i can only go with seymour duncan or dimarzio....so suggest in those 2 brands

overall a win ?
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I'm not much of a tele guy, but it sounds cool to me. You probably won't be able to find curly koa thick enough for a whole body, MAYBE a top though. An oak pickguard sounds really cool, see if you can get a burled oak for it, that would be sweet. You should stain the woods a tiny bit to enhance the figuring too. I've never tried dimarzios or SDs, so I can't help you there.
I'm looking forward to lots of pictures of your wood.
Bari Build

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it wont be me making it....itll be a local luthier, he told me he could get the koa probably
I made a Warmoth Thinline Koa Tele (about half hollow) for my wife when we were dating. Fender custom shop pickups. Great sounding guitar, probably a bit mellower than a traditional Tele, though that probably has to do with the hollow body.

Good wood, absolutely beautiful with a good clear finish on it.
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Koa is mad expensive, and to get it that size... the price is gonna rape you if you have any kind of budget. Go for koa top though, i love koa.
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Can I ask? If you're going to be spending such a large amount on everything else, why not buy some boutique pickups, like Bareknuckle etc? As good as dimarzio/duncan are, they're not as good, in my opinion, as some of the bareknuckles I have tried. Maybe you're saying the guy can only get those brands, but if hes going with those sort of specs, he should be able to get you whatever pickups you want.