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Takamine G320
2 100%
Yamaha F370
0 0%
Voters: 2.
Hi all,

I am a learner and am trying to buy a good first guitar.
I am torn between the Yamaha F370 and Takamine G320
My questions are

1. The Yamaha is Made in Indonesia and the Taks in China- does that make a difference?
2. The Taks has a black body- do black bodies look dirtier and do scratches show?
3. I want to keep my guitar for a few years, as I learn and practise... Will either of them last and see me through my rookie days

Thanks for reading the post, and thanks in advance for a reply.
Please feel free to enter the poll above, as well- so other users like me can benefit from your knowledge:-))

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buy the one thats more expensive
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