ive been looking at gettin a new bass for a while now seein as though i now play bass in alot of bands and ive only got a squire jazz bass i want to get a much better bass. ive sold 2 of my guitars so ive got a quite a large budget of around £1200 and i think ive narrowed it down to an american deluxe p bass (maple) american deluxe jazz bass (maple) and a rickenbacker 4003 (a bit over my budget but id be willing to wait to save more money) i know theres a bit of a price differance but was wonderin is it really worth the extra money for the rickenbacker. i play lots of styles but mainly things like rage against the machine, muse, the jam, metallica and also metalcore so the bass will probably need to be downtuned
Get a new amp first.
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i agree with the new amp suggestion man, get a nice fender or ashdown or something and for a new bass i would recommend the jazz or maybe a sterlind by musicman.

EDIT: you should look into a 5 string for metalcore and such
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