Hey my name is Marc and i hail from NEW YORK CITY.

I am trying to find other musicians who love thrash- New School or Old School its still thrash.

From Municipal Waste to Slayer to Sadus to Exodus, old metallica , Toxic holocaust ETC ETC...

I play guitar but we need another guitarist. From ages 18-25 lets try to keep it in. Girl or guy it doesnt matter. Just play fast!! If you played for a year then thats fine enough.

Uhm but you should know how to cover some cliche thrash songs like slayer etc etc.

We also need a singer/screamer/grunter. Someone who can grunt and do a high pitch scream and have awesome lyrics going on in there brain... It can be about partying!! Hard times, Politics, death etc etc. just someone who can make a story with lyrics.

Since this is mostly a guitar website im sure it would be hard to find a drummer.

So if you play drums fast then hit me up!! punk influence of course ;-).. ALOT of d-beat.

THE BASSIST!! finger picking or with an actual plectrum(first time calling it that ) its all good. just play fast and can make up some cool fills!!


Thrash or die!!

Just Private message me or hit my email at MarcN420@rocketmail.com

Hopefully there are alot of thrash/metal heads coming here!!