ok. at the minute i have absolutely no pedals... i use my amp for all my od/cleans etc and dont use any mods, but have considered delay pedals.
due to the size of my amp, and lack of car, i cant take my amp to every gig, and riskgoing with no idea as to what equipment might be there for me to use. so really im looking for a few od/dist pedals that i can create my own tone with so that in the event that i cant take my amp to a gig, i have a rig i have confidence in. also, im pretty skint, so thats not helpin
obviously ebay is my main chance, but can anybody advise on a couple of real good, but decently cheap (the nice side of £100 considering 2 at least will be bought)
ive been looking at toadworks lil leo/texas flood... t-rex pedals in general are cool and to a lesser extent a ts9.. but im open to suggestions, preferably not boss.

realy just curious to see what other guitarists do when they cant bring their prefered gear to gigs
myspace.com/thevarionis thats my band, new tracks coming soon to give you a better idea of style, theres a few on there that we dont play anymore.reach out is the newest on ther.
although its kinda light rock, i generally have decently high gain.. i have a marshall jvm410c and on it i just od2 green for my rhythm and od1 orange for my lead, with crunch red low gain for cleaner ish tones.
so im looking for a nice smooth distortion (texas flood kinda style) or maybe something with a touch more gain.
solo wise i like it to wail a bit... im big into thin lizzy and stuff, so its gotta be smooth and kinda fat, rather than a real harsh sharp tone.
so really id class the music as rock.. not too light, but deff not heavy.