hey could i asked which humbucker is better out of the x2 single coils together or the silver humbucker u see on gibson sg guitar. thanks.
I think you mean covered or uncovered?
Well, primarily, asthetics.
Secondly, if the covered pickup is metal (Usually nickel or stainless steel), it can slightly dampen the tone.
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Well, two single coils together do not actually cancel hum if they are both wound the same direction, like this Lace Sensor:

But if you're talking about the difference between the SG pickup, and oh, say, this Dimarzio PAF Pro:

then there isn't much. They're both humbuckers. The SG pickup just has a cover over it.
depends what tone u are going for

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hey i also wanted to kno whats special about the humbucker with x2 single coils and a black colour and white colour single coil, im sure they call it bust bucker or sumin like that.
that is also just for the looks.
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The way a humbucker looks really has nothing to do with the tone. There are thousands and thousands of different humbuckers out there. What makes a pickup different/better is the how it is made. Look on pickup websites such as dimarzio and seymour duncan and look at how the different pickups are described.
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