When i pulled my patch cord out of my amp yesterday the tip of the cord did not come out and is currently stuck in my amp

quality is low but the tip of the patch cord is still inside my amp

has anyone had this happen to them? is it an easy fix or would you recommend taking it to a shop? if so how much would you expect it to cost
Take a hex wrench and unscrew your input jack. Then take the tip out of the input jack.

You may have to replace the patch cable though.
i would have to disassemble the entire amp and remove the input jack from the inside, i was wondering if there were any workarounds
^Not really.
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I fixed it. The input was attached from the inside, the nut on the outside just stopped it from wiggling loose, so i did have to take it apart in its entirety
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i did that, but the piece of the patch chord is stuck at the end of the jack and i can't get it out.

So replace the jack.