Yesterday I bought Yamaha HS50M monitors (awesome monitors btw) and a Yamaha Audiogram 6 from Guitar Center. I had been planning on buying an Onyx Satellite instead, but the Audiogram was in stock and it basically has the same features. My question is: Is the sound quality (for both recording and listening) and latency on the Mackie notably better, for $50 more than the Yamaha? I already get great sound quality through the Audiogram, but I can't really be sure with nothing to compare it to.
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One's a 24-bit Firewire audio interface. The other's a 16-bit USB digital mixer. How can they be any more different?

Simple answer - if you're only recording from one source, give back the Yamaha and get that Onyx.
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I've got an Audiogram 3 atm and I'm pretty happy with it. Mic pre's are sweet and it's very versatile, and if you're recording heavy music the 16 bit to 24 bit difference isn't really that noticable anyway seeing as metal music is all so compressed. If you need the Mackie, get it, if you're fine with what you have, you could probably spend that money on something more useful, like a new condenser or something
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