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Who influenced you into picking up a bass/wanting to play a bass/having an obsession with bass?

For me, believe it or not, it was Tom Araya from Slayer. At the time Slayer were my favourite band, and well, he does look quite epic

I remember spending time trying to understand the bassline from this:

After watching that, I was like OMG WOW BASS IS COOL, then moved on to better bands for bass, and well it developed more and more and now I'm listening to stuff like Opeth, to stuff like jazz fusion like Jaco.

This obviously led me to wanting a bass quite badly, but for the moment playing my friend's will have to do.. Why did I choose to play Electric guitar first (This was before I had an instrument, so I was weighing up what would be better to start with)

I'm going on again, so who influenced you to play bass/whatever?
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i regret saying this, but definitely mike dirnt from green day at first. i looooved green day. then mark hoppus (i was the typical 5th/6th grader) then when i got older people like flea and les claypool kept me going. thennnnn i found out who bootsy collins is. and then marcus miller. and then jaco. i actually went out and bought a fretless bass a week after i heard about jaco. now i plan on going to college for jazz performance and education. all thanks to green day and blink 182.
For me, it was Flea. And Cliff Burton
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Henkka Blacksmith from Children Of Bodom, although the 1st song i learned on my 1st bass (ESP F104) was Raining Blood. Araya is beast.

EDIT: Your gonna have about 3942193217 comments about Cliff Burton...due to the overhyped-ness. Just FYI.

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Honestly, I picked up bass because a couple of bands I was in as a guitarist needed a bass player. What got me into it was the bass itself. I found out that for me, bass was much more satisfying than guitar.
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I didn't really have a particular influence when I started, although I did really like Cliff Burton for a while as cliché as that may seem. I don't particularly like him anymore, though.
I honestly can't remember who I liked to begin with, but when I first saw a John Entwistle solo on Youtube, my life changed forever.
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My dad got me into bass.
He played in various different punk bands as i grew up, and i remember being taken to gigs at venues i was allowed into at a young age and watching him play!
Some of my favourite gigs have been when I supported his band
So, because of him, i always thought that it was the coolest instrument to play!
the god that is Matt Freeman!!

also Mike dirnt (Pre 'warning' album ONLY)
and Les Claypool.
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Funny, but it was the girl in "School of Rock" who inspired me to pick it up. After seeing that movie I bought my first bass, an Ibanez GSR200

Also, I grew up listening to my parents' funk and reggae cds, so I was predisposed to playing bass I guess haha.
The guy because of whom i got into bass is some dude from lousy black metal band. I don't even know bands name ^_^ Saw them at Vader warm up, sound was horrible - all you could hear were vocals and bass and it was kick ass.
As for playing influence J.Myung and V.Wooten for sure.

And one thing i noticed about bass: Doesn't matter from what style you begin, at one point you find yourself playing jazz
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My friend was starting a band in Grade 8, and I was about to enter music, so I was suggested bass (sadly I had no real idea what a bass was. I was told a 4-string guitar that was easier to play. Yeah we all know what that old story...)

My first "idol" was Flea. He has speed, charisma, and melody. so of course that's what I picked up on. I later got heavily influenced by Cliff Burton, then Steve Harris, and eventually to Jaco, Jamerson, etc.
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Let's see. I think it was playing a summer of Rockband that inspired me. My friends and I would trade off instruments and I always loved playing bass. I remember playing Dani California is when I said "I'm going to start playing bass." That Christmas I got my first bass.

Funny thing is I can't stand RHCP anymore.
Cliff Burton was who got me interested.

Duff McKagan of Guns n' Roses is the reason I'm still playing!!
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Let's see. I think it was playing a summer of Rockband that inspired me. My friends and I would trade off instruments and I always loved playing bass. I remember playing Dani California is when I said "I'm going to start playing bass." That Christmas I got my first bass.

Funny thing is I can't stand RHCP anymore.

This is pretty much the same for me. Except it was Hysteria.
Flea, Cliff Burton and Justin Chancellor were probably the main influences but there are a lot of people really.

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The guy that got me into bass was Marlin Barker.

He played bass in a band that I played lead guitar in back in 1989. Then he and the drummer quit.

We found a new drummer but couldn't find a bassist. So I moved over and we became a trio.

i guess yea in the very brguinning it was mike dirnt i totally forgot i was in a greenday cover band for a couple years.... lol then probably flea and cliff burton (cliff over fllea any day tho)
recently its been Mr.Arif Mirabdolbaghi pushing the limits of my playing... crazy stuff i tell you

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A combination of Mat Freeman, John Entwistle, and the enchanting sound of the low E string on my brother's first acoustic.
Steve Harris and Tim Commerford.
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Geddy Lee, Flea, and Cliff Burton. I remember playing Anesthesia and Orion on guitar (which I utterly suck at) before I got my first bass. Now it's mainly Chris Wolstenholme who's lines I enjoy playing but mainly because Geddy is a pain in the ass to duplicate with my lack of experience.
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A couple friends wanted to start a band. I'm not sure who was my earliest 'celebrity' influence was, either Victor Wooten, Paul Grey, or Fuzz.
MY brother got me into bass. He came over and spent the week at my house cause he was fighting with his girlfriend and he brought his bass with him. That whole week I was tryin to play it and I was looking up tabs for songs on this site.

The big bass players that kept me going with bass were definitly Flea and Les in the begining, now many players keep me going at it,
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Cliff Burton, i did try guitar before bass but it didn't feel like my instrument. So i bought bass and i've been quite happy with it.
a cheap one that I bought half-and-half with my friend
(basically I paid $25 for a squire p-bass and a 10 watt combo, what's not to get into?)
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James Jamerson or Bob Babbit, whichever played bass on Papa was a rolling stone
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Right now, probably Matt Freeman
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See BOTM, when I purchased my first album ever in 2006 (previously I never listened to music, now I have over 300GBs of the stuff), Live eviL by Black Sabbath.

Geezer Butler, god I love that man.
Paul McCartney! To this day I still love this mans bass lines. No matter what I listen to I can always go back and enjoy his work.
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Honestly, before i started i couldnt have told you that a bass player was doing anything on higher ground or pretty much any song ... i never payed attention to bass but now its making all the songs i like way better.

Anyway, i got aggravated while playing guitar and found a jazz bass stored in a closet. Learned Feel Good inc by The Gorillaz and kept with it.

Dave Ellefson and Cliff Burton were probably the first bass players that i could kinda talk to other people about. Later on Steve Harris and JPJ became interests and by then i had decided to stay for the ride.
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It's interesting how many people here may like extreme music, but most started off with releatively mainstream players as inspiration (except the guy who started the thread, of course). Same for me: started off only because I liked Desert Rose and Englishman In New York and Sting played bass (strings on which looked much cooler than the skinny strings on a normal guitar)!
I played electric guitar for a while and made no progress. I really thought the bass was an awesome instrument and got one, but wasn't too serious until I started hearing Alex Webster's bass parts in Cannibal Corpse songs.
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Steve Harris, I started because a bass player was needed but then I listened to Maiden a little more closely and was like "holy f*ck OMGZ0RZ!", so then I started listening to more bass in music.

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