so i want to get a good bass amp that is enough loud for gigs and band practices.
i dont know if i should get a head or a combo...

i want a pretty versatile amp and i play mostly with a pick...

i want a sound like Mark Hoppus (Blink 182)...
Hello there.

With your budget, there's a load of great used combos you could look in to. Ashdown makes fantastic sounding combos for good prices, the MAG series. They have some reliabilty issues, but that comes with the low price. Other good combos are the SWR Workingman series, Ampeg BA series, and my personal favs, the Eden Nemesis series.

I would suggest going with 10" speakers over 15s. The sound is more defined. Also, going with a combo is great for portability, although some bassists prefer a separate head and cab so they can mix and match. Is this your first bass amp?

Hoppus plays Ampeg, but his tone is nothing special. Any p-bass pickup played with stainless steel strings and a pick should get close to his tone. I suggest you boost the bass and treble a bit, and keep the mids at noon (flat).
ok, i will look into ampeg, this is my first bass amp, but my brother has a laney richter series combo...
and should i get a solid state, hybrid or tube amp?
Well, if this is your first amp, I would really suggest solid state. Very low maintenance and less likely to break down.

The Ampeg is a good bet, but look into the Eden Nemesis series! The 210 combo I used to own sounds amazing.