I can't really classify the song as one genre as you can see :P

Well tell me what you think of it and Ill leave a crit back

It's in my profile called song 28.
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Pretty good intro. Cool bass lick. I like the overall ambience. Brutal part is, well... Brutal. lol. I almost wish you panned the guitar hard left and hard right, and have the synth in the middle. Very impressive stuff though. Very eerie. I feel like I'm about to get my skull bashed in. Guitars overwhelm me around 2:30. Too much stuff going on, but not enough definition. Sounds pretty good though. I love the progressive aspects of the track. Very cool. Bass drum could use a touch up. It doesn't cut through the track like it should, and it just ends up sounding very bottom heavy at times. The song progresses through very nicely though. It doesn't feel like a 6 minute song at all. Song is over before I know it, which is a very good thing. Keeps me wanting for more!

Very good job

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Loved how the bass intro was really melodic, wasn't a fan of the entrance of the drums though. The strings at the start really added to the melodic sadness of the intro. I love how you fused all the genres you mentioned in the thread titled in an amazing way that worked really well throughout the whole song. Can't really think of anything bad to say other than that the drums sound a bit bad (might be just me).
So 9.5/10, great song mate.

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