hallo fellow u.g-ers.

So i have a little problem with my geetar that i am needing some help on and there seems to be a lot of knowledgable people here so i thought id ask.
So here goes...

Basically i have a ltd ec-1000. i have had it for about 4months now. its a good guitar and it plays well however it has developed a bit of fret buzz. mainly on the 3rd (g) string.
I have taken it to the store to get it sorted but i am beggining to think they are pretty crap as they dont seem to do much even though they claim its all sorted.
so i thought i would try and sort it myself.

the 3rd string buzz's even when its played open and it is quite bad. it doesnt seem to get any better or be any different no matter what fret i play. the low e string buzz's when its fretted pretty much everywhere but it is no where near as bad as my g string. How do i stop this?

I have read some of the other threads about similar problems but they didnt really help.

1) Raise Action
2) Change strings
3) Check Nut/Bridge.
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i dont think the action is really low as it is. what would i change on the nut or the bridge?