I run a Classic 30 with the stock speaker through a 16 ohm Avatar 4x12. I have a 16 ohm G12H30 that I want to put into the Peavey. Does this work? Wouldn't the cab + the stock speaker = 8 ohms? Any help would be great
Wait, what? This is how ohms work, ohms are electrial resistance, so if your amp has a line out for 16 ohms, then you better run it with something that is rated for 16 ohms. If you run a 16 ohms amp with a 8 ohms speaker, the speaker will fry, because too much power is going to it. But ohms do add up, say if you have a half stack cab, each speaker needs to be 4 ohms resistance, which equalls 16 ohms in all.

EDIT: The cab itself adds no ohms, its the speakers that add ohms.
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