I'm looking for some 11-54 gauge strings. I'm wondering, how's the plain g on these? The one on the Not Even Slinky set was pretty awful... I'm gonna use 'em in Eb on a les paul.

I'm using the 10-52 set in E and it seems that there's not really a similar set that would be a gauge heavier.
dang thats a heavy gauge for Eb.
I use them, but i tune to C standard
Wow... I use .9's for Eb...
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Im not too fond of them

I put them on my Jackson, which was my first guitar and its pretty cheap, and It doesnt feel right at all. i hate em.

BUT i think if i put them on my hagstrom id like them a little better. But my preferences are a little less beefy string than those. (they are VERY beefy )
Yeah, they're pretty thick, I know. But 'cause I use 10-52s in E on a 25 1/2 scale (Dave Mustaine style), I need something a bit thicker to use Eb on a shorter scale
I've used them for Eb before, and I loved them. As long as you have your guitar properly set up for them, you won't have anything to worry about in the slightest. The bottom strings are really nice and punchy, heavy enough and full of tone, while the top strings aren't incredibly difficult to bend at all. I would highly recommend them. If you're looking to keep them for a while after you have maybe tried them, try the Titanium coated ones. They last a LOT longer than the regular ones, even if you play frequently. With the titanium ones I've only changed them once since I got the first set, which was about 3 months ago. Normally I would have gone through about 3 sets of the normals in that amount of time.
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i thought the plain g was just too thick for for a plain string, it just seems to be so rigid!
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I tried them for standard tuning and they were nice, but I felt it was a bit too much tension, so I stuck with 11-52's instead of 54's (I buy EB strings individually, just in case you wondered). You just have to get used to the thicker strings and you'll love them, the tone is great.
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I used them for dropped B and C standard.
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Mine rusted in about 4 days, even with cleanings. Part of the reason i stopped using Ernie Ball strings, they broke alot and rusted out too fast
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You could try Power Slinkys, good 11's.
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They are good, but honestly dont last more than week. I hate ernie balls because of this.
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yeah i have a set on my sg right now but they dont last long and i like the D'addarios better
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i have since switched to DR's because of the short lifespan on a set of EB's......especially on tour...its ridiculous.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
i use 11-52 daderios on my les pauls in that tuning
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Sounds like it'd be pretty stiff.
Beefys are meant for dropped tunings aren't they?

Personally though, I've got Power Slinkys on my Ibanez right now (E Std) and they haven't wronged me yet. Except for getting a little old.
i'm the same, D'addarios 11-52 medium top, heavy bottom, perfect balance for me anyway, play in standard and drop D flat, last for ages and most importantly give great tone.

i found ernie balls, no matter what gauge, would wear out quickly. I'm actually a big fan of the new Dunlop strings but until I can get a 11-52 set then I wont consider anything other than D'addario. Got 11-50 Dunlop's on my Dot, they last ages and ages and have a distinct tone.
I use power slinky's in standard and they're awesome. But I always love EB's, mine never really wear out too quick.
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I have them. I play them in Drop B/ C# Standard though =/ I like them. I thought their 12-56 were way better though
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I don't get all the EB bashing based on how quick they rust. I don't sweat profusely, just a bit when I've been playing for some time, but considering that and that I play for at least 3 or 4 hours almost everyday, a set of EB lasts me for almost 3 months.
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