This Ibanez S5470 Prestige is the electric guitar other metal-minded guitars will be judged against. 24 frets of wicked fast neck, ZR2 bridge with ZPS3 spring system, and an advanced tonal versatility give the S5470 guitar an edge over most guitars in its class. Heavy mahogany tone without the heavy mahogany weight. Thin around the edges for comfort, fat around the pickups and bridge for tone. S Prestige model features HGD1 neck humbucker pickup, ST1 mid single coil pickup, and HGD2 bridge humbucker pickup. HGD humbuckers are hot, yet sharp enough to hear the pick bite the strings.

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I can totally back this one up, this is an amazing guitar. I love every bit of my S5470 ^_^

....Why would you sell it though?
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dude are you still selling this?
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