alice in chains - real thing
there is a demo track of the song real thing. its titled "heroin" -slightly higher/ faster with an alternate lead through the whole song. i think this version is so much better but theres no tab up. so if someone needs a project, look up alice in chains' heroin. or at least look it up and listen, its a good song.
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heroin killed way too many talented musicians...why they would praise this drug when it obviously killed their former lead singer baffles me.

weed is ok, other drugs are just for idiots
heroin is bad but its just the title of the song. in fact it says it goes straight to nowhere. someone tabbing it is not going to kill more musicians
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lol i understand...heroin probably aint even the real name of the song...probably some renamed file some internet goon made up.

a good ole example is the song "drugs" by the Laughing Colours...everyone credits Guns N Roses for the song " sex drugs and rock n roll "

lol cracks me up