I just got a ec-1000 off ebay and im wondering should i trade it to someone for a mh-1000. The ec-1000s pickups are great but the reach isnt. Are the Mh-1000 pickups good as the ec-1000 or not?
Which one would you rather have and is the overall better guitar??
Between those two there is no "better" guitar, it's all about preference. If you can just play 'em side by side and see how you like 'em.
isnt one a single cutaway and the other a superstrat shape? cause then its all personal preference, besides, pickups can be changed.
i think you should trade it for MH-1000, pickups are better, shape is more comfortable

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MH-1000: Horizon-type, double cut away with 25.5 scale length. Set-thru neck with very comfortable smooth back of neck joint.

EC-1000: It's like a mutated underweight Les Paul with 24 frets. The neck is just regular set by glue leaving the neck block sticking out on the back like Les Paul.

But heh, it's all about what you like best. I find the set-in neck much more comfortable and it allows me to catch higher note up the fretboard. The main reason why i chose to come back to Horizon type. While friend swears that he feels much more comfortable with the EC-1000 when I had it. It's all about personal preferences, you see.

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Well what shape do you like more, Les Paul or Super Strat. From personal opinion and having tried both, I believe the Ec-1000 has a wider and deeper and overall better tone then the MH-1000, but the MH-1000 was lighter and had a faster neck. As well as a more crunchy tone. I would keep the EC-1000 and maybe find someway to get passives instead of the EMG's in there, just my opinion though, and no matter what, it still is a great guitar.
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