they told me to bring it here so again sorry if i'm in the wrong place.

but basically i got an E44OSC from a relative and it had been years since it had strings on it me and a friend tried to string it up but the strings were always right against the neck so several people told me to get the rod adjusted i read up about it and how it was better to get someone who knows what they are doing so my friend tells me he knows a guy who was supposed to be an expert i just got it back a few days ago and the 6th 5th and 4TH strings are all fine but the 1ST string has the same note on the 11TH 12TH and 13TH frets and the 2ND and 3RD strings buzz like mad below the 13th fret.

has anyone heard of this or know why it's like that?

i don't have the money to take it to a shop now cause i gave that ****tard my $200.
This happened to my POS starcaster when i set the action too low. Try raising the action bit by bit, and see if it helps it.
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If you are only having problems with the 1st string it is probably a high fret (either 13th or 14th?) if you look down the neck from the highest fret to the nut you should be able to see if one is higher the the rest. If that is the case take it to your nearest tech cuz they should have a fret file that will take care of that. Raising the action under the saddle can work as well, but will make the guitar harder to play.
Has the guitar been properly set up yet? That sounds like the problem to me.
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good that it worked out for you.

now use the guitar as a weapon against the guy who charged $200 to turn the truss rod a few times. what a con artist, to take advantage of a new guy like that.
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