I tend to pick from my wrist when I'm doing small quick movements like picking a note or two in a legato phrase. But after I pass anything after 16ths at 200 BPM and I'm picking every note (or most of them), picking tends to come from my elbow and a little bit of my wrist. Is this a bad habit? I don't anchor at all.

edit: In case it comes up, I have played more then 6 hours non stop and never felt tired or worn. I've just been told it's not a good method and am told instead of pick from my wrist always.
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picking from your wrist is better indeed, but if you feel comfortable playing and you get no injuries from playing fast and slow for long periods of time it should be no problem
I would try to bring wrist picking up to that speed, but being comfortable and relaxed is the most significant thing involved.