It arrived on tuesday!!! £460 from ebay!! ****ing bargain!!!
ltd b404sm
ashbody, thru neck, spalted maple top.

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I'm not a huge fan of spalted maple tops, but that is one good-looking bass.
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Seriously though, awesome looking bass, get some soundclips up!

Talkbass?! OMG dont insult me..... lol
yeah man, once i change the strings tho, i really dont like the d'addorio nikle strings that came with it, it sounds weak it needs some stadium elites

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I gotta say, thats one sexy bass
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I have the same bass but 5 stringed.. You should be happy

EDIT: The wood of your body looks weird to me, my bass has the pattern that you have up to the left all over the body, but on yours it's ONLY up there to the left, the rest of the body looks... messed up?
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i agree, the spalted maple top isnt as spalted as it should be, but i still love it lol.
How much did it cost you and how does it play? I'm pretty eager to hear some soundclips.

It's a sexy bass aswell.