hey guys i was wondering if you could recommend some surf-punk sorta music? in the style of Wavves. thanks.
box elders
smith westerns

all i can think of that are remotely similar.
have you heard the new wavves tracks?

edit: then i'd add ducktails, julian lynch, universal studios florida, sun araw, best coast...a lot of bands on NOT NOT FUN...there's a huge psych/surf scene coming out of the west coast right now
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i have heard a few. it doesnt have to be exactly like wavves. i just really wanted some surf inspired tracks or artists
Japanese Motors are awesome garage/surf, I listen to them and Wavves a lot. I tend to make playlists with both bands in there. You should also dig into classic surf if you're into it, that stuff is SO good. You could go for popular stuff like the Ventures or for some really cool underground stuff like Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, but that's all instrumental and less rock-y.
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Agent Orange is a bit more punk than surf but they're good, Dead Kennedy's have a couple of Surf-y songs, and The Ventures aren't punk at all, but they were one of the original surf-rock bands.
The Barracudas are pretty great. The Drop Out With The Barracudas album is a surf punk classic.
Crystal Stilts are really reverby and surfy. Ch-check them.
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HINT: Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet did all the music for 'Kids in the Hall.'

You also might dig Abe Vigoda's 'Skeleton.' Really chimey, delayed guitars and more 3/2 rhythms than you can shake a conga at.

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