Need to buy a reliable expression pedal for Midi continuous control.
Please recommend. Have read horrible reviews for most known makes.

that roland one looks pretty good
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moog actually has 2 expression pedals they make now, and one older 1, as far as i am aware of. the dude up top must be talking about the ep-2, it is an upgrade of their ep-1. basically the ep-2 is just better construction with better feel with a little more heft to it, while the ep-1 was a flimsy thing that just worked well enough. i like the ep-2 compared to most other pedals in the price range, feels good underfoot. moog has a third expression pedal, forged in satan's furnace and all that, it's like 400+ usd and does more stuff than anyone(except me i guess) could ever use.

i also own a cheap-o m-audio expression pedal that most people don't like cuz it feels too light and unsturdy. i like it myself, but i prefer the moog ep-2.
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