Maybe Some of you will think I'm stupid maybe, but we don't have a bass guitar and we need one.. Is it possible to tune a regular six string guitar down very low to sound like a bass?
You would need extremely thick strings to use the same range.

You could just get an octaver pedal, or not even have a bass part. Go White Stripes.
It's possible but definitely not advised, both for the sake of the amp and the guitar. If you do actually want to do it you WILL need a string change.
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get a 100 euro bass guitar and ur fine
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That wont work- as far as I know, guitar pickups dont register sound below a low F.

What you'll want is an octave pedal. As far as that goes, im afraid ill be no help.
Ive heard of standard 25.5 scale guitars being tuned down to low Bb in the bass octave, is possible, sounds fun, sounds crap.

By all means try it for interesting possibilities but in your case getting a crappy bass would be more convenient and better
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Find a friend that can play bass, simples

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Your guitar would suffer if you put bass strings on it and played it. It wouldn't sound right either.