So I'm gonna sell my Laguna/Line 6 pack. I originally looked at some of the $400 Ibanez's. Then on the thread i created, someone said get a Cort. I looked into the Cort X-6. $370. Perfect. Then, on beyondeleven.com, i see it for $250. Is this a good deal. I'm 13 and on a budget. I like it because of...
1. LFR double locking trem
2. 24 frets
3 HSH configuration.

What do u guys think. Dont say...

A. Dont get guitar with floyd rose (i really want one) or
B. Save up more money (im 13 for God's sake!)
I don't know what the guitar is like or what you're talking about for that matter, but if it's what you want then get it.
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Have you played it? I'd go out and play it first before buying

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