Is there anyone doing some funk on this forum?
I'm quite interested in this genre so I wanted to ask if you have good resources on how to improve on this.
I made up 3-4 funky riffs or whatever you call them in this genre and would like to continue them. Sadly I know nothing about drums or percussions which are generally essential to funky.
Does anyone has good materials on this topic?

Also would like to have some opinions on my riffs. As far as I know only one is allowed per topic, so here is the one I made up today, making the bass line first and then adding the guitar.
That's so cool man.

For that little octave run you do with the bass in the second bar, you can also try having the high note landing when the guitars do instead of after. Both ways work just fine, it'd just be kind of a neat rhythmic variation.

If you're going for the real funk, I'd suggest you listen to a bit of James Brown, and that should give you an idea where to go with your drums.

If you want more of that funk rock type thing, I strongly STRONGLY suggest going over RHCPs Blood Sugar Sex Magik CD. The drums and bass from that disk has really given me a lot of inspiration when it comes to funk. The guitars as well for that matter.

I actually typed out a bunch of other suggestions (and suggested listening) for the genre in someone elses thread, so if you're looking for more ideas maybe something there would help you. Link is https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1185306
Hey, that does sound better, thanks for the advice!

James Brown and RHCP, got it!

Also thanks for the link, I'm going to check it.