My birthday is coming up soon and I just know my parents are going to suprise me with a guitar that i want and I really been looking into the guitar listed in the title. I heard it is cheap for it's nice tone, and is a good guitar for beginners-pro's to use.

I was wondering, does anyone in UG have any experiences with this guitar??

P.S. I usually play more of the music from: Killers, Muse..that sort of music..
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Oscar Wilde
Ya the problem is all the stores by me don't stock up on them.. So I have to order them online without testing one out... Which sucks.
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde
Amazing guitars for the price, I had one for 3 years and then I sold it and missed it so much I bought the actualy Fender version lol. But loads of people slate Squire but people forget most of squire's guitars are made for people who are starting off.
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