Poll: What kind of snowmobile do you ride?
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7 64%
Arctic Cat
6 55%
6 55%
6 55%
6 55%
Voters: 11.
You know the rules, please follow them.

I'm curious to know how many people on UG snowmobile.

Post about anything about it..

some examples..

What do you ride?
What/who got you into it?
Most fun thing you have ever done while riding?
Worst wreck you have had?
Places you have rode?
..or whatever tickles your fancy.

For Me:
'05 Ski Doo MXZ Renegade H.O. SDI 600
My parents own a shop that sells snowmobiles and things like that, so that what got me into it.
Favorite place to ride: on the rivers.
Worst Wreck: riding in the ditches, and ramped a driveway going 70, got pretty high off the ground, then the wind tipped me sideways and I slammed into the ground. Luckly walked away from it with no problems.
Places I've Rode: just in some local areas.
It's to bright in here, I can't hear you!
snowmobiles suck

i love narwhals.

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I picked every option! MWAHAHAA

So did everyone else by the looks of things