My drummer is complaining that our setlist is too long, but its only 45 minutes, and I think if anything it should be longer...at our last show when we finished people thought we were halfway done and taking a quick break...so what do you guys think?
my bands set is 8 songs and about an hour long. pretty much standard for most bands
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yeah my first concert with my last band last hour+
we also were supposed to have a little breake, but we didnt.. and played the songs... it last around hour and 2/5... then we improvised some songs... I even started singing with lyrics writing on air... and it was pretty cool

and it's your 3rd so it'll be better to add more songs...

May i also add that that concert i was talking about was with only Me: Solo Guitar/Harmonica and Vocals and my friend:Rhythm Guitar/Piano and backing vocals

we'd do longer set if we'd be with a full band (for us it'd be 4 piece band) but the thing is that we reallysounded full and it was nice... (note that you got a drumer so ... rock one :headbang

Are you the only band playing? If so, that is a bit short. Most solo band shows are at least two hours, usually three. If your a opener, it depends on how its set up. for three bands or four, openers can get any where from 30mins to an hour. If thats the case, you are right on point.
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Quote by yourbelovednick
my bands set is 8 songs and about an hour long. pretty much standard for most bands

That may be standard for the genre your band plays in, 8 songs in 60 minutes = average 7 minutes per song. That wouldn't be the same for a pop band where the average song is 3-4 minutes long.

It's really better just to time your set and see how long it is. Once done add another 15% or so for stuff you do in between songs.

So is your set list too long? A band should strive to get as much material as you can, you make the set lists according to what the gig demands. If you are able to play 4 hours, you can play 15 minutes. Your drummer is limiting himself if he believes that a set list should be a certain length - the band's focus should be on polishing old material and learning new. 45 minutes is a short length for an entire album now.

It should be noted however;

The average hard working covers band will play 2-4 hours worth of music each gig.
The average hard working originals band will play 1 hours worth of music each gig.

EDIT: I just noticed that you have control over the length of the set. This is rare. Do what length you feel comfortable with.
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