Sorry for another thread, but I really need some input here. Just got the e-mail from Warmoth. My JM body and neck will be here by tuesday.

I go to school in England, and I leave on Sept. 13th.

I have a bit of cash to blow, and I was reserving it for completing the build. However, now that I realized how close I'm cutting it before I leave for England, I'm having hesitations on whether I should finish up the guitar or wait til I get back from school. What should I do:

Option A: Attempt to finish the guitar
I still need to buy a Bigsby trem ($120), pickups ($200), pots and electronics (~$30), and tuners ($55). I'm having the electronics professionally installed, which costs around $50 from the quote I got. So that comes to around $450. However, I don't know if the parts would arrive in time for me to bring it to the shop to get it put together. Jason Lollar (pickup builder that I chose) makes his pickups individually, so I'm not sure if they would be ready and shipped before I leave.

Option B: Rebuild my pedalboard
Recently sold/traded a ton of my old pedals with the intent of rebuilding my pedalboard to be more versatile yet simpler and more compact.
I would buy an Eventide TimeFactor ($330 on ebay), possibly a used Boomerang Looper on the local Craigslist. If I'm feeling particularly spendy, I may add in the DMB Lunar Echo (after I get the Eventide and see if I really need an analog delay), Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret, and maybe some kind of fuzz, which I still haven't decided on. These would all arrive before I leave, and I could bring them to school with me.

What would you guys do?? Thanks for any and all input!
Thanks man, I really appreciate your opinion. I'm definitely thinking of waiting. Maybe ordering the pickups soon, but not rushing through the electronics installation and all that jazz.
I don't know if the DMB is analog.....i think it might be one of those Dr.Scientist Sunny Day type digital "analog" delays.

Either way, you have a seriously nice guitar now.
I'd suggest, holfd off on the JM till you get back.

Are you taking your rig with you?
The DMB Lunar Echo is all analog

I'm taking an abridged version of my pedalboard, along with my black JM and a Marshall Lead 12 practice amp. So I won't have all my stuff while I'm gone, but I'll have enough to have fun.

No Sunn though?
Probably a good idea.

Anyway, i had a question.
How do you decide if a Jazzmaster is a good buy or not?
I see many CIJ's on the 'bay going for anywhere from $500 to $900. Would those be any good to buy and use/upgrade to awesome specs?
[lollars, mastery, bigsby,schaller or vintage locking]
MIJ JM's for less that $700 are, in my opinion, and excellent deal. Be aware though that the stock pickups suck, so you would definitely want to swap them out. Likewise, the stock bridge is notoriously fussy and causes strings to slide out. However, they're built very well and I really recommend getting one!
Hey man!

Seeing as you are in school I doubt you'd be able to finish it before you leave and you probably won't be able to use it that much while in school, so I'd save it!
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So both these would be good JM buys?

I want to know...because when i decide to get a JM, if i have the moneys to Warmoth it entirely (which would be awesome!), i would.
But "Fenders" as such have their own mojo.

So it's a tough call.
What up lover?

Yea, I'm fairly certain I'm just going to wait. Spend money on more pedals hahaha!

Rasik, first one- hell no! The shipping is ridiculous and I think it's ugly

Second one: Hell yea! Do it. It's sexy.
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I'm not actually buying either.
I just wanted to get a sense of judgement wrt JM's.

I don't know much about Fenders as such.

And i think a white JM would kick ass.
Seriously, it's the colour im going for if i Warmoth.
White JM, brown tortoiseshell ala Mike Einziger.

[Yes i changed my mind from blue.....white is just so much better]
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Oh hahaha. Yea, well either one would be great for modding in that case. I recommend:

Mastery Bridge
Better tuners
New pickups

Those are the big three. The stock trem is actually pretty good, I just love the feel and look of Bigsby trems.
i made my warmoth jm almost a year back. also wanted a white body - but wound up with a black swamp ash body - that was only one in the showcase with the weight spec that i wanted. but turned out great - very resonant and musical. my tech couldn't stop singing its praises!
Definitely finish the JM when you get back, you don't wanna screw it up in your rush to get it done
Plus, if you get your pedals and save a bit for when you get back from school then you can finish the JM and have some tasty new pedals to try it out with

I'm GASing so badly for a JM at the moment, but I'm poor and need to pass my driving test
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