So im saving up! woohoo!

After looking around i think ive decided on a WMD geiger counter, Rothwell love squeeze compressor, Fulltone Mini Deja vibe 2, and a Boss RC-2 looper.

These all seem pretty good for what they do, im n00bish on compressors but the rothwell seemed nice. Any suggestions on different pedals to replace these, warnings to stay away or positive things about the pedals would be appreciated. I just kind of want UG's opinions.

Also im looking for a speaker to replace my stock blues junior speaker need help there.

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I'd go Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe over the Fulltone. For compressor, I'd go Keeley, Diamond, AnalogMan or Demeter. I'd take a look at Weber if you want to replace your speaker. Ted's gone but someone should be able to help guide you in the right direction.
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